Mission Statement

Teacher with student at board

"Excellence in Education"

"The Etiwanda School District is dedicated to promoting high standards in curriculum, instruction, performance and personal behavior. It is our goal that each student achieve academic excellence and develop respect for self and others so that they become contributing members of our culturally diverse society. The responsibility for the development of these qualities in all students is accomplished through a cooperative effort among students, parents, staff and community."

Vision Statement

Kindergarten Student

The Etiwanda School District will continue to be known as a place where “Excellence in Education” comes to life in abundant measure for all students. Our students will leave eighth grade prepared to excel academically, socially and emotionally in high school, college, career and beyond. With the Common Core Standards as the foundation of our instructional program, students will develop a rich understanding of traditional academic subjects. In addition, our students will develop skills as resourceful, collaborative problem solvers with a “can-do” attitude. Regardless of the assessment or measure, the high levels of performance of our Etiwanda students will be the target to which other schools and districts aspire.

Outside of their homes, there is no place our students would rather be than the schools and classrooms of the Etiwanda School District. Campuses will have an evident focus on student safety, with welcoming classroom environments and engaging instructional programs that will inspire a love of learning for a lifetime. Educational experiences will extend beyond the walls of the classroom into the greater community. Student learning will be enhanced through the efforts of specialists in art, music, drama, physical education and foreign language. School libraries will provide a multitude of resources and foster a love of reading. Enrichment, intervention and support programs will allow all students to reach their maximum academic, social and emotional potential.

As explorers of knowledge and pioneers in learning, our students will be fluent in the use of technology to access information and communicate with others. Technology tools and digital resources will be accessible to all students, integrated throughout classroom instruction, and extend learning beyond the end of the school day. Teacher and school websites, a parent portal and social media tools will strengthen communication with the home.

Our students and schools will be embraced by the community. Parent and community volunteers will volunteer at our schools daily to support student learning. Working as partners with teachers, parents will monitor student progress as well as enrich and extend learning experiences. Businesses and community members will be our allies, working to enhance the fiscal and volunteer resources of our schools.

Student with certificate

Just like our students, Etiwanda’s dedicated educators and support staff will be life-long learners, continually growing in knowledge and perfecting their ability to serve our students. Positive and caring relationships with students will foster a culture of success in which students learn, grow and overcome challenges. Professional development will be ongoing and based upon the needs of students. Collaboration within the school community will be the hallmark of our continual improvement efforts. We will tirelessly seek new ways to help our students achieve and succeed.

The traditions and culture of our district that have been the bedrock of student achievement will continue to support and sustain our efforts: sense of family, teamwork, respect, compassion and absolute dedication to our students. District resources will be effectively used and devoted to achieving our mission of student success.

Belief Statements


We believe that the highest levels of academic, social and emotional growth for all students occur when:

  • Schools are welcoming places, providing a nurturing learning environment that ensure physical and emotional safety.

  • All members of the school community strive for unity and embrace diversity.

  • Mutual respect between parents, students, teachers, support staff and administrators creates an environment in which teamwork and collaboration thrive.

  • Self-esteem and self-respect are enhanced through achievement.

We believe that all students can achieve to their maximum potential when:

  • Instructional strategies target individual needs, abilities and learning styles.

  • Current technology is used to support and enhance student learning.

We believe the shared responsibility for student success is built on a foundation that includes:

  • High quality, well trained, caring and compassionate teachers, support staff and administration.

  • Strong connections between the school and home, recognizing that parents play a vital role both as teachers and partners with the school in the growth and development of their children.

  • A district culture in which trust, kindness, honesty, and open communication are valued and practiced daily.