Gifted & Talented Education

Four students in a classroom

Etiwanda School District GATE Philosophy

Some students demonstrate outstanding abilities. We believe students designated as gifted may need some instruction which is qualitatively different.  A student’s instructional day should provide opportunities which consider their special abilities. Such instruction should develop self-esteem, independent study skills, research techniques, creative thinking, critical thinking, and communication.


In the Etiwanda School District, instruction is designed to meet the needs of all students, including those with exceptional abilities such as GATE and advanced learners. The Cognitive Assessment (CogAT) is a tool used to designate students as a GATE learner. The purpose of a GATE designation is to identify the type of instruction students need in order to nurture their abilities and reach their full potential.


For more information concerning the GATE identification process, please contact Donna N, Instruction Department, at (909) 803-3148

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