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Community Facilities District Information

Please click here or navigate to in your web browser’s address bar to view or obtain Mello-Roos and CFD-related information relevant to your property.  You can enter your assessor’s parcel number and obtain the current year’s tax amount, the property address, community facilities district number, and the final year of the tax.

Pursuant to Government Code 53343.2 (AB 1666), commencing with the fiscal year ending July 1, 2017, certain annual and periodic reports must be posted on a website and available to the public. These reports can be found by navigating to the reporting section of the website which is located at

School Facilities Needs Analysis (SFNA)

The purpose of a School Facilities Needs Analysis (SFNA) is to quantify, for the 12-month period subsequent to adoption, the impacts of new residential development on the Etiwanda School District’s school facilities, and to calculate the permissible Level II and, if and when applicable, Level III Fees to be collected from such new residential development.  Pursuant to Government Code 65995.6 (c ), the SFNA must be available to the public for review at least 30-days prior to its adoption.

SFNA - May 2022

Developer Fee Justification Report for Residential and Commercial/Industrial Development (DFJS)

This Developer Fee Justification Report (DFJS) for Residential and Commercial/Industrial Development has been prepared to demonstrate that the expected facilities costs to be incurred by the District to house students to be generated from new residential and commercial/industrial development is at least equal to the District’s share of the statutory fees (Level I) approved by the State of California every two years. The DFJS also considers the ability of the District’s current facilities to accommodate the impact, and the extent to which projected demand exceeds the District’s current facilities capacity as well as quantify the costs associated with meeting the increased demand. In the case of residential development, in the event that the District becomes ineligible to collect Level II Fees as identified in the SFNA, the Report demonstrates that the District is justified in levying and collecting its share of Level I Fees.

DFJS - May 2022