Resource Specialist Program

Ms. Alice Berry

Welcome Perdew Pioneers to RSP!


A little about me...

My name is Ms. Alice Berry and I am one of the RSP teachers at Perdew Elementary.

I received my Bachelor's degree from University of California, San Diego. and my Master's degree from University of Redlands. I have an Education Specialist Credential for Mild/Moderate Disabilities. I have additional authorizations for English Language Learners and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

What is RSP?

The Resource Specialist Program (RSP) is a program to help children who qualify for special education services. The program is designed to give support to children with learning disabilities and give them strategies to help them be successful in their education.

The RSP team works with classroom teachers, school staff, service providers, and families to ensure all students receive the help needed to fully access the curriculum. I look forward to working with your student this year!

Contact Information:

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone:

(909) 803-3316