Positive Behavior Support Resources

Welcome Etiwanda Family, 

The Behavior Department has provided resources that include "How to's," samples, and a Training Video Series. Enjoy and continue to use a Positive Behavior approach for your students and children. 

1. Behavior Training Series- Here is a training series to guide you through all aspects of behavior. Topics include: defining behavior, ABC's of behavior, reinforcement and preventive measures, and much more!. 

2. Behavior 101- What is behavior, what are the ABC's when assessing behavior and data collection. 

3. The "Why" of Behavior? The Function of Behavior is the "WHY" of behavior. When we know the function, we can determine the appropriate intervention.  

4. Preventative StrategiesPREVENT the behaviors or decrease the likelihood of the behavior in the future.
5. Teaching StrategiesHow to teach new and appropriate behaviors; shaping, chaining and prompting.

6. Reinforcement- Sample token boards, check off system, and points system. Reinforcement is VITAL when teaching appropriate behaviors. 

7. How to Respond to Behaviors- When behaviors happen, how to respond to the behaviors without reinforcing the inappropriate behavior. 

8. Social Emotional Regulation
Social emotional resources such as 5 point scale, and visuals to help when feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

9. All about Social StoriesSample social stories to use with your child, and a how to guide on creating social stories. 

10. COVID 19 RESOURCESHere you will find covid resources explaining social distancing, mask wearing, virtual learning, and expectated behaviors in the virtual setting. 

11. Video Modeling SeriesHere you will find video tools to help your students/children in preparation for returning to school. 

12. Parent Resource- Parent resource to teach communication with their children