Homeless Student and Family Information


It is not a crime to live in one of the mentioned situations and schools are here to assist you and  your children with enrollment and appropriate
services. This information will not be shared
outside of the educational entity.  

For questions about enrolling in school or
for assistance with school enrollment,
contact your local school district homeless liaison: 

Damita Walton
Director of Pupil Services and Personnel
6061 East Avenue
Etiwanda, CA 91739

Please see additional resources below:
National Center for Homeless Education Brochure
Local Community Resources


Even if you have:

• Uncertain housing
• A temporary address
• No permanent physical address
You are guaranteed enrollment in school by the federal McKinney-
Vento Act and California state law if you live:
• In a house or apartment with more
than one family due to loss of housing or economic hardship
• With friends or family because you are a runaway or an unaccompanied youth
• In substandard housing (without electricity, water, or heat)
• In a shelter (family, domestic violence, or youth shelter or transitional living program)
• In a motel, hotel, or weekly rate housing
• In an abandoned building, in a car, at a campground, or on the streets
You can enroll in school immediately even without the documents normally
required for enrollment, such as:
• Proof of residency
• Immunization records or other required health records
• School records
• Legal guardianship papers
Your child may:
• Participate fully in all school activities and programs for which he/she is eligible.
• Receive transportation to and from the school of origin if you request it.
• Continue to attend the school in which he/she was last enrolled even if you have moved away from that school’s attendance area.
• Qualify automatically for school nutrition programs.
Your responsibilities are to:
• Make sure your child gets to school on time and ready to learn.
• Stay informed of school rules, regulations, and activities.
• Contact the homeless liaison for assistance in removing barriers to your child’s education.
• Attend parent/teacher conferences, Back-to-School Nights, and other school-related activities.

If your housing situation has changed, you can update the status via the Housing Questionnaire located in the Aeries Parent Portal.