COVID-19 Resources

The resources below provide helpful information for parents as they discuss the COVID-19 pandemic with their children.

English: NASP: Talking to Children about COVID-19
Spanish: Hable con sus hijos sobre el COVID-19
Vietnamese: Nói Chuyện với Trẻ Em về COVID-19 Tài Nguyên cho Phụ Huynh
Chinese: 和孩子談論 COVID-19(冠狀病毒) 家長資源
Korean: COVID-19(코로나바이러스)에 관해 자녀와 이야기하기 부모 리소스
Amharic:ስለ COVID-19 (ኮሮና ቫይረስ) ከልጆች ጋር ስለመነጋገር የወላጅ መገልገያ Student-friendly video: Play Movie
Wellness Resources
The resources below provide in-home activities to keep children focused and engaged in fun, calming activities.
GoNoodle: Fun and engaging videos and games to get kids moving
Cosmic Kids Yoga: In-home yoga and meditation for kids Doodling: Doodling for stress relief Sora: Etiwanda's Digital Library The applications shown below can be downloaded on mobile devices (from the Apple or Google Play Stores). 1. Stop, Breathe, and Think Kids 2. Headspace 3. Calm 4. Mindful Minutes 5. HappyMe 6. Smiling Minds 7. Mindshift 8. iBreathe 9. Emotionary 10. HelloMind
Click HERE to visit our District's Family Resources page for additional links to helpful information and support services.