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Health & Welfare Benefit Changes for 2020/2021

Open Enrollment must be completed online through BenefitFocus no later than May 22,2020.
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District Contribution: Increased to $16,450.00 annually per full-time employee (contribution pro-rated for employees working less than full-time) for 2020/21. Any unused portion of the contribution will return to the benefit pool.          

Kaiser Permanente: Rate increase of 4.3%. We will continue with the Kaiser Marketplace Plan Structure with 5 plans to choose from. 

Blue Shield: Blue Shield HMO’s will have a 4.4% rate increase and PPO Gold and Silver plans will have a 9.43% rate increase. The rate for the PPO Bronze H.S.A plan will decrease 6.17%.  Blue Shield has added the new Tandem PPO with 3 plans to choose from.  (Additional information regarding the Tandem plans can be found below in the Benefit Summaries Section).   We will continue with Blue Shield Marketplace Plan Structure with 8 HMO Plans and 6 PPO Plans to choose from. 

Delta Dental: Rate decreases of 1.5%. No plan changes.

MES: Rate increase of 8.9%.  No plan changes.

Voluntary Deductions: Changes to voluntary deductions can be made at any time. Please refer to the documents section below for appropriate forms.

Opt-Out: Benefit eligible employees, regardless of hire date, wishing to waive their right to medical coverage, must select "Decline” Coverage on the bottom of the BenefitFocus Medical Insurance Enrollment page and submit acceptable documentation of proof of group coverage. Please refer to "Waive Medical Insurance" in the Documents section for additional information.


The following documents are available for your use:



  Welcome Letter
  American Fidelity Schedule
Benefitfocus Tutorial:  A step-by-step guide for selecting your benefits
  Waive Medical Insurance
  Health Insurance Verification Form
Health Benefits Waiver Form
  Health & Welfare Benefits - Board Policy 4554
  Benefit Table and Rates
  Kaiser Permanente

          Benefit Summaries:

  Blue Shield of California

         Benefit Summaries:

                       HMO PLANS

                       PPO PLANS

          Additional Information:

  Amplify Hearing Aid Plan

          Benefit Summaries:

   Delta Dental

          Benefit Summaries:

          Additional Information:

   MES Vision

          Benefit Summaries:

   VOYA Life Insurance

          Forms for all VOYA Insurance Products

          Insurance Certificates

  Payroll Voluntary Deduction Form
  Deferred Net Pay Authorization Form
  Direct Deposit - EFT Enrollment Form
  E3 Payroll Deduction Form
  Tax Sheltered Annuities 403(b) -

          Additional Information:

   Tax Forms