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Superintendent Judson

Dr. Shawn Judson has served as the Superintendent of the Etiwanda School District since 2002. Dr. Judson was first hired as a teacher in Etiwanda in 1987, the year the District opened its third school, Windrows Elementary. While serving as principal at West Heritage Elementary School in 1993, the school was honored as the District’s first California Distinguished School. Dr. Judson served as Administrator of Personnel prior to being appointed as superintendent.

A visible and dedicated leader, Dr. Judson has a strong commitment to the academic achievement of all students. Throughout the school year he visits classrooms, schools and extra-curricular programs. He volunteers in one classroom each year to learn first-hand about the instructional programs in the District. Dr. Judson is an active member of the Etiwanda Excellence in Education (E3) Foundation which provides support for all schools district-wide.

Dr. Judson received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and a Master of Arts Degree in Education from Cal Poly Pomona. He earned a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of LaVerne. 

A resident of the Etiwanda community since 1987, Dr. Judson is an active community member and volunteer, serving as a Cub Scout leader, soccer referee and ministry leader at his church. Dr. Judson and his wife, Bernadine, a teacher at Etiwanda High School, have four sons and one daughter, all of whom received an outstanding education in the Etiwanda School District. 

Dr. Judson strives to maintain the District’s long-standing tradition of ‘Excellence in Education’ and to preserve the ‘family’ culture of the District. He believes that everyone shares in the role of student achievement and that the many accomplishments of the Etiwanda School District are the result of doing things the ‘Etiwanda Way’ with students, parents, support staff, teachers, administrators and community all working together towards the common goal of growth and success for all our students.