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By-Trustee Area Elections | Etiwanda School District

By-Trustee Area Elections

Currently the Etiwanda School District uses an at-large system of electing the members of its Board of Trustees.  Under state law, an at-large method of election may be deemed to impair the ability of some voters to elect candidates of their choice or to influence the outcome of elections and, therefore, may be subject to challenge under the California Voting Rights Act of 2001, California Elections Code §§ 14025, et seq. (“CVRA”).

In order to ensure compliance with the CVRA or, at minimum, avoid the potential for costly litigation under the CVRA, the Board of Trustees approved Resolution 1617-70, Initiate the Process of Establishing Trustee Areas and Elections By-Trustee Areas on May 11, 2017. The resolution initiates the legal and regulatory process to establish trustee areas within the District, as provided in Education Code section 5019; changing the method of electing members of the Board, from the current at-large system, to a method which provides that Board members residing in each trustee area will be elected by the registered voters of that particular trustee area (Education Code 5030(b)), in sufficient time for the new method of electing members of the Board to be in place for the November, 2018 election.

The process of establishing trustee areas and transitioning to a by-trustee area election method  requires public input, multiple public hearings, and the involvement of the  San Bernardino County Committee on School District Organization, as well as potentially seeking and obtaining a waiver of the requirement for an election from the State Board of Education.

The Board of Trustees is seeking public input regarding considerations in creating trustee area maps.  Please see the By-Trustee Area Map Comments to review a presentation regarding trustee area maps and provide feedback.